About Jack

Jack’s campaign was started by three average Americans, Steve, Chad and Josh, talking casually one evening about the political environment that has most Americans and much of the world stirred up. How do we vote our conscience when everything in our being says this really “sucks”!

We strongly believe, everyone who feels this way, needs an outlet, a way to make a statement against the two ridiculous candidates that are running for President. (Seriously people, how did we get here?)

We believe when you’re dealing with really difficult circumstances, or decisions, you have to find a way to laugh and have a little fun or else you’ll go crazy… (well, I guess we’re all a little crazy or else we wouldn’t be in this mess)!

So why not vote for Jack (the guy on the sign). Think about this for a moment, what have the other two candidates done for you, then ask yourself what has Jack done for you lately. Start paying attention, he’s everywhere, being a true public servant to us all.

Supporting Jack serves a “two fold” purpose; making a statement against the other two candidates, and having a little fun along the way. After all, Jack has done more for us than the other two candidates by far!

Jack has always been there for you without asking for any recognition or fame. It’s time we stand behind “the guy on the sign” and support The Life of Jack!